VIDEO | The Filmmakers

Cecil B. Demille - The Greatest Show on Earth, The Ten Commandments
Michael Curtiz - Casablanca, Adventures of Robin Hood
Victor Fleming - Gone With The Wind, Wizard of Oz
Carl Theodor Dreyer - The Passion of Joan of Arc, Vampyr
Charlie Chaplin - The great dictator, Modern Times
Fritz Lang - Metropolis
John Ford - Stagecoach, The Searchers
Jean Renoir - The rules of the game, The grand illusion
Buster Keaton - Sherlock Jr., General
Howard Hawks - The Big Sleep, Rio Bravo
Frank Capra - It Happened one night, It's a wonderful life
Sergei Eisenstein - Alexander Nevsky, Battleship Potemkin
Alfred Hitchcock - Psycho, North By Northwest
Luis Bunuel - Belle de jour un chien andalou
Vittorio De Sica - Bicycle Thieves, Shoeshine
Robert Bresson - A man escaped, pickpocket
William Wyler - Ben Hur, The best years of our lives
Yasujiro Ozu  - Late Spring, Tokyo Story
Michael Powell - The red Shoes, Peeping Tom
John Huston - The Maltese Falcon, The treasure of seirra madre
Billy Wilder - Sunset Boulevard, The Apartment
David Lean - Lawrence of Arabia, The Bridge over River Kwai
Elia Kazan - East of Eden, On the Waterfront
Akira Kurosawa - Yojimbo, Seven Samurai
Orson Welles - Touch of Evil, Citizen Kane
Ingmar Bergman - Persona, The Seventh Seal
Federico Fellini - 8 1/2, La Dolce Vita
Satyajit Ray - Pather Panchali, Apur Sansar
Sidney Lumet - 12 Angry Men, Serpico
Robert Altman - Nashville, The player
John Schlesinger - Midnight Cowboy, Marathon Man
Stanley Kubrick - 2001: A space odyssey, the shining 
John Casavettes - A woman under influence, Gloria
Sergio Leone - Once Upon a time in America, The good, the bad and the ugly
Mike Nichols - The graduate, who's afraid of virginia woolf
Francois Truffaut - Day for Night, 400 Blows
Andrei Tarkovsky - Solaris, Ivan's Childhood
Krzystof Kieslowski - Three Colours: Blue, The double life of veronique