Choreographer: George Williamson

Dancers: Ksenia Ovsyanick & Nancy Osbaldeston



OCD Love | Sharon Eyal & Gai Behar


"The work opens with a marvelous solo danced by Rebecca Hytting. Executing slow, extended movements, she seems to be aiming to discover the hidden elements that might provide the key to unlocking her disjointed inner world. Her limbs seem to disconnect from her torso and yield to an interior compulsion that enables her to travel to the far reaches of fantasy. These magical moments are supported by a high technical ability to overcome inherent hurdles, generating the balance required for slow physical movements that respond to a bodily hunger that transcends thought. And then, abruptly, she is on her toes, taut, motionless, attaining an instant of grace of harmonious coalescence." Ruth Eshel


"Je suis très influencée et je me sens connectée aux réalisateurs de films, plus qu’à aucun autre chorégraphe. J’ai déjà mentionné Lars von Trier, et des réalisateurs de films comme les frères Coen, Mike Leigh et bien d’autres encore, qui m’ont touchée."

Sharon Eyal



Rebecca Hytting | House | Sharon Eyal & Gai Behar



Rachael Osborne | House | Sharon Eyal & Gai Behar


"Calligraphie des corps, obsessionnelle, la pièce déploie un univers hybride qui convoque expressionnisme allemand, danse moderne des sixties, univers du clubbing, DJ set."


Rebecca Hytting


Rebecca Hytting


And the future?

"I hope I will still be working with dance in some way. I think that the future of contemporary dance isn’t so much about youth or technical skill, although those can still be engaging too. But it’s really about showing something interesting. And you can’t define what that is, because it’s always different. Sure, being older might bring a deeper story. But it’s so personal, and so individual. You just know when you see it."

Rebecca Hytting, dancer


Films Actors Directors /// Nicole Kidman / Portrait de femme / The Portrait of a Lady / Jane Campion / Henry James


"Tant qu'il y aura un sujet à traiter, il dépendra entièrement du traitement de rallumer la flamme. Seulement, l'officiant doit vraiment approcher l'autel"

Henry James : L'avenir du roman, 1899 (in Henry James : La situation littéraire actuelle en France, Seuil)




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