cast : Rooney Mara (Marie Madeleine), Joaquin Phoenix (Jésus), Hadas Yaron (Sarah) : Mary Magdalene (Garth Davis)

Cast "Marie Madeleine", Garth Davis (Porchlight Films, Universal Pictures International Production (UPIP), See-Saw Films. Distribution US : The Weinstein Company)

Hadas Yaron (vue dans Felix et Meira) rejoint le cast de "Mary Magdalene", aux côtés de Rooney Mara (rôle titre : Marie Madeleine) et de Joaquin Phoenix (Jésus). Hadas Yaron jouera Sarah, la belle-soeur de Marie Madeleine.

Garth Davis : “Rooney Mara’s raw, brave approach to performances, coupled with her deeply magnetic inner life, holds all the dimensions needed to bring to life one of history’s most misunderstood woman — Mary Magdalene. Having worked with Rooney on ‘Lion,’ I know she is a once in a life-time talent.” 

"The project is set to be an "authentic and humanistic portrait" of one of the most enigmatic and misunderstood spiritual figures in history".

"Joaquin Phoenix is the very definition of a mercurial talent, transforming from role to role, whether the stoner private detective in Paul Thomas Anderson’s Inherent Vice, the lovelorn writer forming an emotional connection with his phone’s operating system in Spike Jonze’s Her or even as Johnny Cash in Walk the Line.
Playing Jesus could offer a defining moment for the versatile and unpredictable Phoenix. He doesn’t necessarily invoke – physically at least – some previous seminal portrayals such as Jim Caviezel in Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ, but Phoenix does certainly possess the acting chops and intensity to bring the character to life." (Deadline)