Vidéo : Images récurrentes de femmes dans le cinéma de Terrence Malick. Avec Olga Kurylenko (To The Wonder), Jessica Chastain (Tree of Life)

"l'amour sourit à travers toute chose" (Tree of Life)

"l'amour qui nous aime" (To The Wonder)

"C'était surtout un homme qui au fond n'aimait vraiment que certaines images et (comme une miniature au fond d'un coffret) que les composer et les peindre (...). Et s'il avait eu à se défendre devant un tribunal, malgré lui il aurait choisi ses paroles, non selon l'effet qu'elles pouvaient produire sur le juge, mais en vue d'images que le juge n'aurait certainement pas aperçues". - Marcel Proust, A propos de Bergotte, A la recherche du temps perdu, A l'ombre des jeunes filles en fleurs

"Ce sont les fragments d'un même monde..."

"Et repensant à la monotonie des oeuvres de Vinteuil, j'expliquais à Albertine que les grands littérateurs n'ont jamais fait qu'une seule oeuvre, ou plutôt n'ont jamais que réfracté à travers des milieux divers une même beauté qu'ils apportent au monde. « S'il n'était pas si tard, ma petite, lui disais-je, je vous montrerais cela chez tous les écrivains que vous lisez pendant que je dors, je vous montrerais la même identité que chez Vinteuil. Ces phrases-types, que vous commencez à reconnaître comme moi (...)
 (...) ce sont les fragments d'un même monde, (...) c'est toujours, quelque génie avec lequel ils soient recréés, la même table, le même tapis, la même femme, la même nouvelle et unique beauté (...)" - Marcel Proust - A la recherche du temps perdu, La Prisonnière

. . .

Marcel Proust, Translated from the French by C. K. Scott Moncrieff :

"Above all, he was a man who in his heart of hearts loved nothing really except certain images and (like a miniature set in the floor of a casket) the composing and painting of them (...) And if he had had to plead before a tribunal, he would inevitably have chosen his words not for the effect that they might have on the judge but with an eye to certain images which the judge would certainly never have perceived".

"And thinking again of the monotony of Vinteuil’s works, I explained to Albertine that the great men of letters have never created more than a single work, or rather have never done more than refract through various mediums an identical beauty which they bring into the world. “If it were not so late, my child,” I said to her, “I would shew you this quality in all the writers whose works you read while I am asleep, I would shew you the same identity as in Vinteuil. These typical phrases, which you are beginning to recognise as I do, my little Albertine (...)"
"you must have realised that they are fragments of an identical world, that it is always, however great the genius with which they have been recreated, the same table, the same carpet, the same woman, the same novel and unique beauty (...)"

. . .


MALICK Weiblichkeit

"This Mashup was created after I saw the movies TO THE WONDER and TREE OF LIFE by Terrence Malick. I noticed a certain similarity in the movements and the emotional expressions between his female protagonists in all his movies. However in the two movies mentioned, I felt the composition regarding the two women Marina and Mrs O'Brien the most astonishing. I hope you enjoy the Mashup and am grateful for any feedback, as this is my first trial."
Film scenes from 'The Tree of Life' remain courtesy of Fox Searchlight, © TM & Copyright 2011
Film scenes from 'To the Wonder' remain courtesy of Magnolia Pictures, © TM & Copyright 2012
'In un'altra vita' (Piano version) by Ludovico Einaudi

TERRENCE MALICK - TREE OF LIFE : et que l'amour sourit à travers toute chose
TERRENCE MALICK - TO THE WONDER : L'amour qui nous aime / Love that loves us
Erika Linder / Model & Actress / Photo (c) Amanda Demme


Erika Linder

Photo (c) Amanda Demme


"Proudly androgynous, Linder models in both men’s and women’s runway shows. So it is no surprise that her personal hero is Tilda Swinton. “I admire her style so much—I think she is amazing. She can do it all; she can play a man, a woman, a horse!” she says. And so, we suspect, can Linder.

Asked if her new career (actress) is scary, she says of course it is: “But if it isn’t scary, I don’t want to do it." - VOGUE, APRIL 4, 2018. Hooked on Louis Vuitton’s Capucines With Erika Linder


Erika Linder / Actress


"Model Erika Linder announces herself as a promising screen presence"

"Erika Linder. One of the most impressive silver screen outings for a model to date"


Sara Serraiocco | Baldwin / Counterpart


Sara Serraiocco

Showreel | Counterpart

"The actress Sara Serraiocco is the person stealing the show on Counterpart so far. Serraiocco had a not-so unique path to acting: she started out as a dancer. Now one of the hottest talents in Europe" (Decider)


Sara Serraiocco | international actresses