Natalie Portman Accepts the Actress Award for "Jackie" - HFA 2016

Natalie Portman : "I feel so lucky to have been part of this film that is about a woman who was maybe known first for being a wife, um, first to Kennedy and then to Onassis, but then became someone who could be recognized on-on their own merits, just... just as Jackie. Um, and I think it's really incredible - an incredible opportunity and unfortunately, a rare opportunity in our industry to get to portray a woman so complicated, to have so many assets - aspects of her, um, revealed and to look at her humanity not as a wife, as a mother, as a daughter. She's not to be respected because of her relationship to a man, but because of her humanity and her, um, her-herself as a subject of desire, not an object of desire. And I salute the many men behind this film who we obviously need many female voices to tell stories, but it's also essential that the men who are telling stories consider women as complete human beings and not just in relationships to other men. And to have our producers Mickey Liddell, Darren Aronofsky, and... and many others, actually, many producers on the film, and Darren, of course, who has been so generous with me throughout my career, um, and my life in giving me these complex women, ah, to portray. And Pablo Larraín, the director, who's just a phenomenal person, and again, was telling this story of a human being, not a woman, and I think that-that's a real rarity, unfortunately. And to Fox Searchlight, Nancy and Steve, who are wonderfully taking on this movie on-on a journey. And to the Hollywood Film Awards, so kind of you, I really appreciate being in a room with so many people I admire and respect so much. Thank you."

Natalie Portman recevant le prix de la meilleure actrice pour "Jackie", Hollywood Film Awards 2016


Natalie Portman : as a subject of desire, not an object of desire ; her humanity not as a wife, as a mother, as a daughter ; a rare opportunity in our industry to get to portray a woman so complicated ; not just in relationships to other men | Natalie Portman Accepts the Actress Award for Jackie - Hollywood Film Awards 2016 | international actresses
Erika Linder / Model & Actress / Photo (c) Amanda Demme


Erika Linder

Photo (c) Amanda Demme


"Proudly androgynous, Linder models in both men’s and women’s runway shows. So it is no surprise that her personal hero is Tilda Swinton. “I admire her style so much—I think she is amazing. She can do it all; she can play a man, a woman, a horse!” she says. And so, we suspect, can Linder.

Asked if her new career (actress) is scary, she says of course it is: “But if it isn’t scary, I don’t want to do it." - VOGUE, APRIL 4, 2018. Hooked on Louis Vuitton’s Capucines With Erika Linder


Erika Linder / Actress


"Model Erika Linder announces herself as a promising screen presence"

"Erika Linder. One of the most impressive silver screen outings for a model to date"


Sara Serraiocco | Baldwin / Counterpart


Sara Serraiocco

Showreel | Counterpart

"The actress Sara Serraiocco is the person stealing the show on Counterpart so far. Serraiocco had a not-so unique path to acting: she started out as a dancer. Now one of the hottest talents in Europe" (Decider)


Sara Serraiocco | international actresses